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4WD Unit Standard Courses

Our standard two day Unit Standard course covers the following:

  • 17976 – Demonstrate knowledge of operating a light four-wheel drive(4WD) vehicle in an off-road environment
  • 17978 – Operate a light four-wheel drive (4WD) in an off-road environment



    • 17678-Drive a light motor vehicle on unsealed road surfaces

    If required, we can also cover Unit Standard 20848

    •  Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving a light four-wheel drive (additional time required for this Unit Standard).

    4WD Competency Courses

    Recommended for companies / individuals that operate 4WD vehicles in an off-road environment for work purposes, with a focus on operating vehicles safely in a workplace environment.

    4WD Experience Days

    Ideal for individuals who drive 4WD or AWD SUVs off-road for recreational purposes – learn about your vehicle’s capabilities and limitations and driving techniques for negotiating varied off-road terrain


    Our 4WD courses equip trainees with the knowledge and skills to drive a 4WD effectively and safely over varied terrain as would be required in most off road workplaces under the full ‘best practice’ guidelines.